Biographical Information
Born Unknown
Physical Description
Race Elf
Gender Female
Skin Color Pale
Other Information
Magic Degree Unknown
Dragon Nagendra
Amandila is an elf dragon rider from Brighthollow. She is bound to the carnelian dragon Nagendra.

First Appearance Edit

Vosper's Revenge


Amandila is a beautiful female elf with pale skin and silver hair. Her skin is milky-white, but her eyes and eyebrows are the deepest shade of black.

Her dragon stone is implanted in her chest. The stone is set in gold, with a thin ring of gold visible at the ends of the implant.

History Edit

 Amandila is a dragon rider from Brighthollow. She traveled from Brighthollow with Fëanor and Carnesîr to help Parthos and Mount Velik defend against Emperor Vosper's attacks. Amandila is older than the young elf Fëanor.

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