Aonach Tower

The ruins of Aonach Tower

Aonach Tower was were most mages in Durn went to train. It was destroyed by Emperor Vosper years before the Dragon Stones Saga. The ruins are currently being rebuilt.


Aonach Tower was located south of the Highport Mountains, and northwest of Morholt. It was once a common place to send mages for training. The Tower also possessed vast libraries and stored the ancient prophetic books of the humans of Durn.

In The Shadow Grid Returns, the tower is reconstructed as a school for low-level mages, on funding and bribery from Delthen and the High Council of Miklagard. However, the tower is razed to the ground by Daakul on the day of the official opening ceremony, reducing it to mere ruins once more.


Aonach Tower Map

Map of Durn. The ruins of Aonach Tower can be seen in the center of the mainland.

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