Audun is a posthumous character. He is referenced by other characters, but makes no direct appearance.

First Appearance Edit

Rise of the Blood Masters

Family Edit

Audun is Tallin's father and was married to the dwarf woman Tildara.

History Edit

Audun was married to Tildara. Even though he was a human, he fought to defend the dwarves at Mount Velik. After the elf Carnesîr raped Tildara by using a glamour to impersonate him, Audun was so enraged that he wanted King Hergung to declare war on the elves. When nothing came of his demands for vengeance, Audun fell into a downward spiral and his relationship with Tildara quickly fell apart.

After Tildara's depression and grief led her to take her own life, Audun grew increasingly violent and began seeking out conflicts with others whenever he could.

Death Edit

Several months after his wife's death, Audun started a fight with an elf in the streets of Ironport. Audun stabbed the elf in his madness and was then killed by him.

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