Baghra, Goddess of the Hunt and Farmers
A traditional representation of Baghra
Biographical Information
Born Eternal
Physical Description
Race Goddess
Gender Female
Skin Color Tanned
Height Average
Other Information
Affiliation Goddess of the Hunt, Farmers, and Agriculture
Alignment True Neutral
In the Dragon Stones Saga, Baghra is the goddess of the hunt. She is also the goddess of farmers and agriculture.


Baghra is a tan-skinned goddess, always depicted in leather and holding a bowstaff.

Worship Edit

She is worshipped by both humans and dwarves. In the Kynn Oracle, the ancient books of dwarven prophesy, Baghra is depicted as a dwarf, and in human folklore, she is depicted as a human. This irregularity does not seem to cause problems between the two races as the dwarves and humans do not argue about Baghra's appearance; this is considered a minor issue.

Hunters will pray to her before a hunt. If they are successful, it is customary to pour a small amount of wine over the entrails of the animal before cooking.

In Popular SpeechEdit

Her name is frequently invoked for good luck, or as an expression of surprise or disbelief.

Book One: "Ow! Sweet Baghra, that hurt!" - Elias Dorgumir

Book Two: "When I visited the Elder Willow, Chua told me there would be a traitor. I never dreamed it would be you. For Baghra’s sake, you’re a rider!" - Tallin

Role Playing Alignment Edit

True Neutral

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