Balborites are humans who live on the island of Balbor. They are not a separate race from humans, but they are a very distinct group.

Balborite AssassinsEdit

The Balborites are a race of religious fanatics that live on the isolated island of Balbor (also called the "Island of Blood" or "Dark Island"). The island of Balbor is warded with spells to prevent any type of outside attack.

The Balborites have a hierarchical society that is very stratified, with the high priest being the head of their society. Most of their labor comes from slaves, who are kidnapped from the mainland of Durn. The Temple is the center of their religious and social order. They practice a dark religion that demands total obedience from its followers. Balborite assassins are mageborns who are highly-trained and forced to take a blood oath to the Temple and the high priest. The blood oath forces the assassin to follow the dictums of the priest and the Temple for the rest of their lives.

Skera-Kina is a Balborite assassin and the highest ranking Blood Master. As of Kathir's Redemption, she is now the high-priestess of Balbor. 

Other Details Edit

Balborites are referred to in the Dragon Stone Saga by many names. In Book 2, Tallin refers to a Balborite assassin as a "blood dog"--a derogatory term.

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