Bolrakei Shalevault
Biographical Information
Born Unknown
Physical Description
Race Dwarf
Gender Female
Other Information
Alignment Klora-Kanna

Bolrakei Shalevault is the leader of Klora-Kanna, the dwarven jewel cutters' clan.

First Appearance Edit

Vosper's Revenge


Bolrakei is an obese female dwarf who dresses in fine silk and wears many pieces of expensive jewelry. Greedy and petulant, she has a habit of using her authority to amass wealth, particularly rare jewels. She was briefly dismissed as head of Klora-Kanna, but was reinstated shortly after. After the death of King Hergung Lindisfarne, she set her sights on becoming queen of all the clans. To ensure she kept her high status and continued to gather wealth, Bolrakei obstructed efforts to unite the clans and encouraged a dangerous all-out assault on Mount Velik when it was taken by the Orcs. On several occasions, when accused of blackmail and sabotage, she loudly denied any culpability and in turn accused the people she attempted to blackmail of spreading lies about her. Despite her constant sabotage and manipulation, fueled largely by her greed and bigotry toward the Vardmiter clan, she was ultimately passed over for monarch of the dwarven clans in favor of Utan.

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