Brighthollow Map

Map of Durn. Brighthollow can be seen in the northwest.

Brighthollow is an enchanted land that Elves call home. It is located in the northwest corner of Durn. It remains unexplored by mortal races like Humans and Dwarves, as the magic there prevents them from entering.


Brighthollow is filled with immense magical energy. Human minds are incapable of of resisting such raw magical power and would be driven mad, were they to spend time in the land. Brighthollow has been isolated from other races for hundreds of years.


Some dragons have taken to living in Brighthollow, but not many. The same magical energy that prevents Humans and Dwarves from traveling there has adverse effects on dragon fertility. If a female dragon arrives with an egg already inside her, the egg may still be able to hatch. However, female dragons cannot produce new eggs while exposed to the magic of Brighthollow.


Brighthollow is separated from the main landmass of Durn by the Straits of Tirat. To the east, across the straits, is Everwood Forest and Miklagard. To the south is Deadman's Pass and Mount Heldeofol, where their sworn enemies, the Orcs, reside.

A thick fog shrouds the surrounding waters year-round, preventing Human ships from viewing the land from a distance.

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