Sela and Brinsop
Brinsop with her rider, Sela
Biographical Information
Born Unknown
Physical Description
Color Carnelian
Gender Female
Other Information
Dragon Rider Sela Matu
Family Blacktooth (former mate)

Kaval (son)

Brinsop is a Carnelian dragon paired with the human rider Sela Matu. She lives in Parthos where Sela currently acts as ruler.

First Appearance Edit

Dragon Stones


Brinsop is a full-size Carnelian dragon and weighs more than the largest of horses. When standing on her hind legs, she is over 15 feet tall. Like all Carnelian dragons, she has a red dragon stone embedded in her chest. Her eyes are tawny-colored and her scales are a ruddy reddish-brown color.

Following the events of Kathir's Redemption, Brinsop mated with Blacktooth and laid a clutch of six eggs, four carnellian and two onxy. In Brinsop's Brood, her young hatched in the desert and she invited Sela to visit her and her brood. The hatchlings were stolen by Fëanor, forcing her and Sela to track him down to retrieve them. After some negotiation, Brinsop agreed to let the elves take one of her hatchlings to Brighthollow and the remaining five stay with her to be raised in the desert. In exchange, she asked the elves to heal the injuries Sela got when she battled Vosper's necromancers.

In The Shadow Grid Returns, Brinsop helps Sela reach the newly-rebuilt Aonach Tower during their investigation of possible corruption within the High Council at Miklagard.

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