Biographical Information
Born Unknown
Died 693 (Age unknown, but very old)
Physical Description
Race Elf
Gender Male
Hair Color Gray
Skin Color Pale
Other Information
Magic Degree Unknown, but powerful
Dragon Poth
Family Skera-Kina (Daughter)
Affiliation Brighthollow
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Carnesîr was an elf dragon rider. He lived in Brighthollow and was bound to the onyx dragon Poth. Like Poth, Carensîr was very old.

First Appearance Edit

Vosper's Revenge


Like all elves, Carnesîr was beautiful and pale with an air of magic about him. Though he was very old, Carnesîr had no wrinkles and it was nearly impossible to determine his exact age. He had long gray hair that ran down to the small of his back. His eyes were steely blue.

His onyx dragon stone was implanted in his chest. It was ringed in gold.

Family Edit

While aiding the dwarves in the war, Carnesîr raped Mugla's sister Tildara, who later gave birth to the dwarfling Skera-Kina.


Carnesîr is from Brighthollow. He fought in the Orc Wars and in the Dragon Wars. He also assisted the city of Parthos during the Orc Siege of 686.

He was often found in the company of the other elf dragon riders Amandila and Fëanor.

Death Edit

Carnesîr was killed by his daughter Skera-Kina during an failed attempt to destroy the Balborite Temple.

Role Playing AlignmentEdit

Chaotic Neutral. See other role playing alignments.

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