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First Trilogy: The Dragon Stones Saga

  1. Dragon Stones (Available): The Dragon Stones Saga
  2. Return of the Dragon Riders (Available): The Dragon Stones Saga
  3. Vosper’s Revenge (Available): The Dragon Stones Saga

Second Trilogy: The Chronicles of Tallin

  1. The Balborite Curse (Available): The Chronicles of Tallin
  2. Rise of the Blood Masters (Available): The Chronicles of Tallin
  3. Kathir's Redemption (Available): The Chronicles of Tallin

Dragon Stone Adventures

  1. Brinsop's Brood (Available): Dragon Stone Adventures
  2. Mugla's Magic: Dragon Stone Adventures

Third Trilogy: The Shadow Grid Trilogy

  1. The Shadow Grid Returns (Available): The Shadow Grid Trilogy
  2. The Fall of Miklagard (Available): The Shadow Grid Trilogy
  3. Sisren's Betrayal (TBA): The Shadow Grid Trilogy

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