Necromancers are undead mages with tremendous power at the cost of their souls and identity. Necromancers are feared for their powers and for their ruthless nature. Although they do not age, they are not immortal; they can be killed in battle, but their unnatural healing abilities require extreme measures. Their bodies must be thoroughly destroyed to eliminate the chance of them recovering, as even a beheading might not be sufficient.

The Necromancer's OathEdit

The process of turning a mortal mage into a Necromancer, known as The Necromancer's Oath, requires three other mages to be killed in a dark ritual while the future Necromancer's body slowly transforms. After that, the new Necromancer is no longer mortal and their soul is taken from them, though they retain their memories. Because of their undead nature, they can no longer sleep or eat; instead, they gain sustenance from draining the souls of those around them.

Appearance and MannerEdit

When they emerge from the ritual, their skin becomes smooth and milky white, their eyes become pure black, and their teeth become sharp and blood-red. Their teeth constantly gnash. Their skin crawls with an unpleasant sensation, making it uncomfortable to touch anything, so they constantly levitate to avoid as much contact with other objects as possible. They also speak in a distinctly sibilant manner. All necromancers have the same general appearance and behavior regardless of how they used to look or act, those some vestige of their former appearance does remain.

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