Chua Hakmorr
Chua Hakmorr
Biographical Information
Died 693
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Other Information
Magic Degree 8th degree mage
Dragon Starclaw
Family Elias Dorgumir (Son)

Ionela Fairhair (Wife) †

Chua Hakmorr was a human dragon rider with the gift of Sight. He was known as as The Living Oracle of the East for his prophetic abilities. He was also responsible for setting many important events in The Dragon Stone Saga in motion. He lived at the Elder Willow with his emerald dragon, Starclaw.

First Appearance Edit

Dragon Stones

Family Edit

Chua is the father of Elias Dorgumir and was married to Ionela Fairhair.


Chua lost his eyes and teeth after being tortured at the hands of Emperor Vosper. Both of his legs were amputated at the knee.


Chua was a powerful 8th degree mage. He had the ability to look into the past and to see the future.

During the Dragon Wars, Chua and Starclaw were injured and fell from the sky. They were then captured and tortured by Emperor Vosper. After being released from Morholt, Chua, Starclaw, and Chua's infant son Elias were all left for dead. The powerful healer Carina Dorgumir found them on the Orvasse River with a locator pebble that Chua had sent to her while he was still in prison. Though Chua and Starclaw were gravely injured, Carina was able to save both of them.

Death Edit

Chua was killed at The Elder Willow by the Balborite assassin Skera-Kina. Before killing Chua, Skera-Kina agreed to provide him and his dragon with quick deaths in exchange for a reading of her future; Chua agreed and died painlessly.

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