Dragon riders are people, whether human, dwarf, elf, or some mixture of those, who have been bound to a dragon through a powerful spell performed as part of a binding ceremony. This creates a telepathic link between the dragon and its rider, allowing them to communicate through simple thought. The rider may also draw on the power of the dragon to enhance their own magic.

When mortals are bound to a dragon, their lives are extended. Dragons can naturally live for hundreds of years (they have about the same lifespan as dwarves). The magic of the binding ceremony does this.

In rare cases, dragons are bound to elves, and then, the dragon's life is extended to match the elves' lifespan. In this case, the dragons would live as long as their riders, such as in the case of Poth, who was bound to the elf Carnesîr. However, even an immortal pairing does not stop the aging process forever, and Poth had many health issues, including cataracts and beginning dementia. Poth also died as soon as Carnesîr was killed, because the magic of their link was the only thing keeping Poth alive.

List of Known Dragon RidersEdit

Dragon Rider Dragon

Elias Dorgumir

Nydeired  (Junior)
Sela Matu Brinsop
Tallin Duskeye
Chua Hakmorr Starclaw
Hanko Stiperfelt Charlight
Holf Karela
Galti Orshek
Riona Loamsdown Stormshard
Carnesîr Poth
Fëanor Blacktooth
Amandila Nagendra
Daakul (takes the place of Queen Xiiltharra after her death) Atejul
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