Dragon Stones
Book One Cover
Book One, Dragon Stones
Author Kristian Alva
Publication Information
Publisher Defiant Press
Release Date June 8, 2011
Type Paperback, eBook, Audio Book
Pages 200 (Paperback)
ISBN 1937361004
Followed By Return of the Dragon Riders

Dragon Stones is the first book in the Dragon Stones Saga. It follows Elias Dorgumir, a teenage boy with a gift for healing spells who discovers an abandoned dragon stone, a rare remnant of an era gone by. The mere presence of this powerful magical artifact puts the young man's life in grave danger and marks him as the quarry of Emperor Vosper, the tyrant and would-be emperor of all the people of Durn.

With the help of a friendly dwarf named Thorin Ulfarsson, Elias embarks on a journey across Durn to learn of the few remaining dragons and their riders, master his magical powers, and discover who he really is.

This book is followed by Return of the Dragon Riders.

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