Pictured: Nydereid, a male diamond dragon.

Dragons are a species of intelligent, magical reptilian creatures native to Durn. Most are wild, but some join with people from the various races, forming a dragon/rider pair. Those that do split their dragon stone, the source of their magic and life force, and give half to the rider. This is a lifelong bond.

History Edit

Before Emperor Vosper assassinated the five kings, dragons proliferated in much greater numbers than they did now and there were many dragon riders. During the Dragon Wars, countless dragons and their riders were killed in battle or captured and tortured. The select few that escaped hid away in remote corners of Durn, avoiding the empire's forces at all costs. Wild dragons, few in number, have become reticent and suspicious of people and the overall population of dragons is at an all-time low. Recently, however, new clutches of eggs have been laid and their numbers may very well be on the rise again.

Dragon ColorsEdit

There are five unique colors of dragons, each of a different size.

Color of Dragon Physical Traits
Carnelian Rusty red. A bit larger than a horse.
Sapphire Blue. Twice the size of a horse.


Green. Larger than blue dragons by a third.
Onyx Black. As large as a house.
Diamond White. Larger than a house.

List of Known DragonsEdit



Nydeired (Junior) Elias Dorgumir
Nydeired (Senior) None
Brinsop Sela Matu
Duskeye Tallin
Starclaw Chua Hakmorr
Charlight Hanko Stiperfelt
Karela Holf
Kaval None
Orshek Galti
Stormshard Riona Loamsdown
Poth Carnesîr
Blacktooth Fëanor
Nagendra Amandila
Shesha None
Atejul Queen Xiiltharra

Dragon Culture Edit

Dragons are feral beings, but they maintain a certain degree of civilized conduct and have their own social roles and customs. Much about their culture is a mystery, partly because they rarely share secrets with outsiders and partly because the decimation of their numbers led to a decline in normal social behavior among dragons. However, dragons have been gradually returning to their normal modes of conduct now that their numbers are rising again.

Common knowledge about dragon culture is that dragons are social beings who live in prides, which are led by an alpha female. For the most part, dragon culture is matriarchal. Male dragons tend to leave their pride when they're old enough to mate and females continue to live in large groups, caring for young dragons and maintain order within their territory. The females look after the group, deliver punishment for crimes, and oversee funerals, which are usually held and night and involve burning the body on a pyre with dragonfire. Courtship in particular has a lot of elaborate social rules, hinging mainly on obtaining a female's favor through various gestures.

Dragon magic is also important to their culture, but the nature of how they communicate with magic is somewhat unclear to non-dragons. Even riders are not privy to all of it. It is also unclear to what extent dragon interactions are based on instinctual knowledge as opposed to learning from other dragons.

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