The fantasy land in which the Dragon Stones Saga takes place.


Durn is a large landmass surrounded by water. There are several inhabited islands as well as unexplored areas that are inaccessable by humans (Brighthollow, for example). 

See: Map of Durn 

Main AreasEdit

The humans' capital city is Morholt, located near the central part of the continent. The Death Sands, which is rebel territory, is located in the western region. 

Miklagard, the last free mage outpost, is located in the frigid north. 

Balbor, which is inhabited by the Balborites, is located in the Black Sea. No one from the continent has ever visited the island of Balbor and survived to tell of the journey, although a few elves have ventured there. They do not speak of it, and the horrors they discovered have not been shared with the other races of Durn. 

The orc race lives exclusively in Mount Heldeofol and the surrounding areas. 

The dwarf race lived primarily in Mount Velik. However, after the Great Schism, the dwarf clans split and many went to settle in the Highport Mountains. At the end of the Dragon Stones Trilogy, the dwarves were in the state of civil war.

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