Biographical Information
Physical Description
Color Sapphire
Gender Male
Other Information
Dragon Rider Tallin
Family Atejul (son)

Brundis (brother)

Duskeye is a sapphire dragon bound to the halfling rider Tallin.

First Appearance Edit

Dragon Stones


The emerald dragon Atejul is Duskeye's son. 


Duskeye is a blue dragon with a blue dragon stone. He has visible scarring on his wings as well as a damaged leg that causes him to walk with a limp. Duskeye's right eye is cloudy, and he cannot see from it. 


After Duskeye was paired with his rider, he and Tallin became virtually inseparable. 

After the Dragon Wars began, Tallin and Duskeye fled to the Death Sands. During the war, they were captured by the empire. Emperor Vosper tortured them mercilessly and caused both of them to sustain terrible wounds. Eventually, Tallin escaped from his prison and was able to free Duskeye. The pair then managed to stay hidden in the Death Sands for many years until they were finally discovered by Sela and Brinsop. Sela and Brinsop invited them to Parthos, where they swore to defend the city. 

Duskeye and Tallin often search for wild dragons and for females of the species. Duskeye has successfully mated with Nagendra and Shesha

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