Dwarves are one of the several races of Durn.

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Since the Dragon Wars, most dwarves resided in Mount Velik, their last remaining stronghold. Clans had begun to expand once again, though. Some even built an outpost near the Death Sands. After the events that occured at the siege of Mount Velik near the end of Emperor Vosper's reign, civil war broke out among the dwarf clans. One side supported King Hergung and the rebels followed Utan, leader of the Vardmiter clan. Eventually, Utan and those who sided with him against King Hergung left to live in the Highport Mountains to the west. The Orvasse River soon became a de facto border between the two factions. Any dwarf caught on the wrong side of it is captured and killed.


Dwarves are smaller than most races. They tend to be short and stocky, with a generally rugged look to them. Red hair is common among dwarves, particularly in the Vardmiter clan. Dwarves live for a long time compared to humans--they can live to be as old as 500 years, although this is rare, and would be akin to a human living over 110+ years. Mugla is the oldest main character in the Durn universe. She is a dwarf spellcaster and purported to be 450 years old. In Book 4, The Balborite Curse, the dwarves are described as having a fertility that lasts 60 years, although large families are rare among the clans, except the Vardmiter clan, which considers large families to be indicative of wealth.


Dwarf history is described in the Kynn Oracle.


One staple food among dwarves is the tubers of the catkin's root plant. They are used in soups and other dishes. Kilscups are also popular, though mainly as a source of food when meat it otherwise scarce. When food is plenty, Dwarves often enjoy hearty, heavy meals with mixed vegetables, thick stew, mushrooms, gravy, and fat-marbled meat. They're also fond of mead, which is a common beverage served alongside meals.

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