Elder Willow

The Elder Willow

The Elder Willow is a magical tree located in a grove planted by elves. The grove and the Elder Willow are located Darkmouth Forest. The Elder Willow is a huge knotted tree, with branches that stretch hundreds of feet. Its trunk is at least the size of a small house. The grove is protected by tree sprites and by magic. Tree sprites are cousins of elves, and the ones guarding the grove provide information regularly to the elf queen Xiiltharra. Chua and Starclaw made their home here after Vosper released them from his dungeons.

In Rise of the Blood Masters, Skera-Kina came to the Elder Willow and killed the tree sprites in droves, then burned the tree and surrounding area to the ground after killing Chua and Starclaw.


Elder Willow Map

A map of Durn. The Elder Willow can be seen in the southeast of Durn.

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