Emperor Vosper Heirduum
Emperor Vosper
Emperor Vosper Heirduum
Biographical Information
Born 570
Died 686 (Age: 116)
Physical Description
Race Necromancer (Formerly Human)
Gender Male
Skin Color Deathly White
Height Average
Other Information
Magic Degree Unknown, but powerful
Family Father †

Four Brothers †

Affiliation Evil Emperor of Durn
Alignment Lawful Evil

Emperor Vosper was the main villain in the Dragon Stones Saga.

First Appearance Edit

Vosper's Revenge


Vosper was a human mageborn and the royal successor to the empire throne. He murdered his father and all his siblings in order to secure his position of power. He used magical charms to extend his life beyond normal human limits, but eventually the charms began to falter, and he was forced to become a necromancer or die.


Vosper was orginally a human male with pale skin, black hair, and dark eyes. As a necromancer, he took on the typical characteristics of a necromancer, with red teeth, black pupil-less eyes, and alabaster-white skin. 


Vosper was eventually defeated by the dragon riders during a planned coup in Morholt, shortly after Vosper transformed himself into a powerful necromancer. After Charlight was tortured to death, Hanko used spirit magic to unleash a horde of vengeful spirits--fallen dragons and their riders--upon the emperor to kill him.

In The Shadow Grid Returns, a cloaked man entered a hidden crypt near a demon gate to invoke his apparition with the intent of resurrecting him. Although the resurrection has not yet taken place, his spirit has become active once again.


“I hunger…but have no appetite for food.”

Role Playing Alignment Edit

Lawful Evil, later Chaotic Evil

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