Biographical Information
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male

Frogar is the last inhabitant of Persil since its abandonment. He was a junk merchant and scrap dealer in the town. Carina Dorgumir considered him a liar and a cheat.

First Appearance Edit

Dragon Stones

Description Edit

Frogar's breath smells like old whiskey. He chews tobacco, and his teeth are stained yellow.


Before Persil was abandoned, Frogar was simply a junk merchant and scrap dealer. Elias Dorgumir tried to sell him the emerald dragon stone he found, not knowing it was a dragon stone.

Abandonment of Persil Edit

Frogar was the last person left in the Village of Persil after it was ransacked by Emperor Vosper's soldiers. The town was abandoned, but Frogar remained. He had one last encounter with Elias. Despite being responsible for Carina's death, Elias forgave him. As a way of making up for his deeds, he gifted Elias with an enchanted crossbow.

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