Golka, Goddess of War and Defense
A traditional representation of Golka
Biographical Information
Born Eternal
Physical Description
Race Goddess
Gender Female
Skin Color Black
Other Information
Family Saekonungar (son)
Golka is the Goddess of war and defense.


The black-skinned Goddess is typically depicted wielding two flaming swords, one in each hand. She is said to have two eyes in front, but a third in back, that she might never be attacked from behind.


On the lowest level of Parthos is a temple dedicated to Golka. At its entrance stands a statue of the Goddess and her flaming swords. The temple usually has plenty of worshippers.

Role Playing AlignmentEdit

Given her role as the goddess of war, Golka is most likely Chaotic Neutral, as she doesn't appear to grant particular favor toward one side or the other.

Family Edit

Golka has a son with Bannus, the god of festivals. Her constant bickering with Bannus is the reason their son, Saekonungar, left to become the god of the sea. His temperamental nature is a result of the combined clashing personalities of his parents; the dangerous, spiteful aspects of the sea he rules over are attributed to the side of his personality inherited from his mother.


Image CreditsEdit

Image of Golka, original artwork by Tenda Spencer.

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