The High Council of Miklagard is composed of thirteen powerful mageborns. Komu is the leader of the council in Books 1 through 6. Councilmember Delthen is also mentioned as a member of the council and a main character in the Chronicles of Tallin. In The Shadow Grid Returns, Komu has passed away and Delthen has taken over as de-facto leader.


  1. Risear (mentioned first in Book 2)
  2. Goris (thick-set, short man, first appearance Book 8)
  3. Kelmat (oldest councilmember in terms of age, thin and grey-haired, first appearance Book 8)

Former Members:

  1. Sisren (mentioned to have resigned from the council in Book 4)
  2. Komu: Leader (reported deceased in Book 7)
  3. Delthen (deceased, murdered by his apprentice Ungo in Book 8)
  4. Narcissa (the council's only female member, first appearance in Book 8, killed in Book 8)
  5. Kern (wily and ambitious, reported as recently elected to the council in Book 8, killed in Book 8)
  6. Bulwith (he is described as an old man in his nineties with blue eyes. He is mentioned first in Book 2, then mentioned as a former member in Book 8. He helps Tallin bury the dead after the Fall of Miklagard) He is described as Sela's former Master, who she apprenticed under when she was a student.
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