Ionela Fairhair
Ionela Fairhair as a necromancer.
Biographical Information
Born 636
Died 686 (Age 50)
Physical Description
Race Necromancer (Formerly Human)
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Skin Color Pale White
Height Average
Other Information
Magic Degree Unknown, but powerful
Family Elias Dorgumir (Son)

Carina Dorgumir (Mother) †

Chua Hakmorr (Husband)

Affiliation Necromancer for Emperor Vosper
Alignment Chaotic Evil

Ionela Fairhair was a necromancer working under Vosper.

First Appearance Edit

Dragon Stones

Description Edit

Like all necromancers, Ionela had sharp red teeth and deathly pale skin. Her hair and eyes were pitch black and her lips were red.


Ionela Fairhair was a human mage and Master spellcaster at Aonach Tower before she was captured by Emperor Vosper and transformed into a necromancer. She was the mother of Elias Dorgumir and the wife of Chua Hakmorr the dragon rider.

Ionela was a powerful mage and a teacher. She was turned to evil by Vosper in exchange for saving her newborn son, Elias. She was Vosper's most powerful necromancer in Morholt.


She was eventually killed by decapitation in the Death Sands during a face-to-face encounter with the rebel mage Sisren. Her soul was freed after Hanko used spirit magic summon the souls of fallen dragons and their riders to kill Emperor Vosper.

Role Playing Alignment Edit

Chaotic Evil

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