King Mitca Arcaius
Biographical Information
Born 626
Died 685 (Age 59)
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Other Information
Family Rali Arcaius (Son)

King Galain Arcaius (Father) †

King Mitca was the founder of the rebel city of Parthos, which stood against Emperor Vosper.

First Appearance Edit

Dragon Stones

Family Edit

Rali is King Mitca's son and heir.

Death Edit

King Mitca was killed by the Balborite Blood Master assassin Skera-Kina. She cut his right hand with a special blade filled with Kudu Oil, a deadly poison. Mitca, or possibly one of his guards, known as The Nine, severed his right hand in order to prevent the poison from spreading. While most of the poison was left in the hand, enough had already spread throughout his bloodstream, which would cause him to die a slow, painful death. Tallin flew him as swiftly as possible to Miklagard in hope that the mages there could save him, but the mages there were unable to stop the poison.


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