Kristian Alva

Author Kristian Alva is a fantasy author and the writer of the popular Dragon Stones trilogy. The trilogy sold over 100,000 copies in 2011 and 2012. 


Kristian was born into a family of writers and teachers. Before releasing her first fantasy novel, she worked as a ghostwriter. She also wrote several published magazine articles and several books in technical subjects. 

Inspiration Edit

Kristian grew up reading everything she "could get her hands on." Her favorite author is fantasy writer Melanie Rawn. She also loves authors Neil Gaiman and Grace Draven.

Kristian prefers to write fantasy for young adults. 

Titles Edit

Kristian has published two fantasy trilogies and a novella. 
Book One Cover

Dragon Stone Original Trilogy Edit

  1. Dragon Stones, Book One of the Dragon Stone Saga
  2. Return of the Dragon Riders, Book Two of the Dragon Stone Saga
  3. Vosper's Revenge, Book Three of the Dragon Stone Saga

Chronicles of Tallin Trilogy Edit

  1. The Balborite Curse, Book Four of the Dragon Stone Saga
  2. Rise of the Blood Masters, Book Five of the Dragon Stone Saga
  3. Kathir's Redemption, Book Six of the Dragon Stone Saga

Dragon Stone Adventures (novella series) Edit

  1. Brinsop's Brood, Book One of the Dragon Stone Adventures series

A second installment of this novella series, titled Mugla's Magic, is forthcoming.

The Shadow Grid Trilogy Edit

  1. The Shadow Grid Returns

The next installment of this trilogy is The Fall of Miklagard, which is expected to be released in May 2017. The final installment will be Sisren's Betrayal.

Spanish Titles Edit

Kristian Alva's books are also available in Spanish. The titles include the first two trilogies and Brinsop's Brood.


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