Locator Pebble

A locator pebble in the middle of activating

A locator pebble is a stone that, when dropped in water, reveals the location of a specific individual. Creating a locator pebble is a highly complex spell.

Use by Chua HakmorrEdit

After being captured being Emperor Vosper, Chua Hakmorr at first had a room with a cell. He was able to use a messenger bird to send a locator pebble that he designed to reveal the location of his son, Elias Dorgumir, who was only an infant at the time. He sent the bird to Carina Dorgumir.

When Carina finally received the the locator pebble, Chua and Elias were already dumped on a raft floating down the Orvasse River. Carina used the stone to find them in time to save the infant Elias and his gravely injured father.

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