Morholt is the capital of Durn. It was ruled for a long time by the evil Emperor Vosper before his defeat at the hands of rebel dragon riders. It has since been under the control of Rali Arcaius, the last surviving heir of the Five Kings.


Morholt is a beautiful city, though Emperor Vosper let it go somewhat during his reign.


Morholt Map

A map of Durn. Morholt is located near the center of Durn and to the southeast of the ruins of Aonach Tower.

Morholt is located near the center of Durn. The Orvasse River is close by to the east.


Morholt is the long-time capital of Durn. After King Rali ascends the throne, he repairs the soil and the city, and brings back the annual Harvest Festival. The official colors of King Rali's Kingdom are orange and blue.

The official colors of the kingdom when Vosper was in power were orange and yellow. The empire guards dressed in these colors. This is mentioned in the first book: "I see men on horses. They're dressed in yellow and red."

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