Mount Velik

Mount Velik

Mount Velik is the location of the last remaining Dwarven city since the Dragon Wars. The city is built into the very side of the mountain. The Highport Mountains are located to the northwest of Mount Velik.


Mount Velik is one of the larger mountains in Durn. There is some volcanic activity beneath it, which was long dormant. However, with the use of magic, it proved capable of unleashing a devastating eruption.


At one time, all Dwarf clan lived in this region. However, Vardmiter clan, responsible for much of the farming and labor, was looked down upon by the more wealthy clans, such as Klora-Kanna. The clan leader, Utan, had his people gather their things and they left Mount Velik in disgust, setting instead in the nearby Highport Mountains.

Orc WarsEdit

During the Orc Wars, Mount Velik came under heavy siege from the orc hordes. It was one of the darkest times in Dwarf history. A small contingent was forced to invade the mountain and trigger its dormant volcanic activity. The resulting eruption was a decisive blow against the Orcs, but guaranteed the loss of the Dwarves' home. All of the clans now live in the Highport Mountains.


Mount Velik Map

A map of Durn. Mount Velik is located in the east of Durn. To the south is Ravenwood Forest.

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