Mugla Hoorlick
Mugla Hoorlick
Biographical Information
Physical Description
Race Dwarf
Gender Female
Hair Color Gray(Curly)
Other Information
Magic Degree 5th degree
Dragon None
Family Tildara (Sister) †,

Audun (Brother-in-law) †, Tallin Arai (Nephew), Skera-Kina (Niece), Yervokk (cousin and apprentice)

Alignment Chaotic Good

Mugla is a dwarf spellcaster and is a master at crafting magical weaponry. She is stated to be 450 years old at the start of Book 4, The Balborite Curse. She is considered elderly for a dwarf.

First Appearance Edit

The Balborite Curse

Powers Edit

Object enchantment (highest proficiency), potions, offensive magic. She is purported to be the only dwarf spellcaster with telepathic abilities (Sela mentions this in Book 5). She used to craft enchanted weaponry, but has ceased making weapons.


Mugla is Tallin's aunt and has gone on several journeys with her nephew. She is a small, wizened woman, old even by the standards of her people, thanks to having a little bit of elvish blood in her ancestry. Mugla works mainly as a midwife and healer and accompanies Tallin to the Elder Willow to visit Chua in search of means to protect the Dwarf clans and restore the decimated dragon population. While visiting Chua, she discovered Skera-Kina was her niece and Tallin's half-sister, but kept it a secret until the truth was exposed in Balbor.

After the events in Balbor, she traveled with Tallin to the temporary home of the displaced dwarvish clans, the Highport Mountains. She also helped him and others carry out a covert attack on the Orcs occupying Mount Velik. Through everything, her wisdom and years of experience proved to be invaluable to Tallin and the others who relied on her.

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