Uldreiyn, one of Emperor Vosper's Necromancers

A necromancer is a powerful entity in the Dragon Stones Saga. In the first trilogy, four of them were introduced: Ionela Fairhair, Emperor VosperUldreiyn, and Uevareth


Most necromancers look virtually identical to each other with regards to their physical characteristics. Regardless of their skin color or age when they were alive, after taking the Necromancer's Oath, they have  milky white skin that is wrinkle-free and as smooth as a polished stone. Their eyes are completely black with no visible pupils. They have black or gray tongues and sharpened red teeth. Necromancers’ mouths gnaw constantly, a byproduct of the magic that keeps them “alive”. They generally levitate silently in place, just off the ground. They smell faintly of licorice and rotting flesh.


A necromancer cannot be created unless a living spirit is first ripped from the body of three willing victims.The souls of the sacrificed enter the black heart of the necromancer, and there they remain—trapped for all eternity, or until the necromancer is destroyed. Necromancers are immortal. An experienced spirit conjurer is needed in order to create a necromancer. 


All necromancers have the ability to conjure spirits, because they are trapped spirits themselves. Even so, a conjured spirit is almost impossible for even a necromancer to control because of its rage. Necromancers glow red when performing magic.

Notable WeaknessesEdit

Necromancers are weaker during the day. They can still perform magic even in bright sunlight, but it is uncomfortable for them. Necromancers neither sleep nor eat. Rather, they must constantly feed off the life force of the people around them, and although they can entirely drain the life force entirely from a living being, this does not overly strengthen them. It's simply a hunger they must satisfy. Necromancers are terrified of leeches, which, if attached to their skin, cannot be removed by magic or any normal means. The leeches will continue to feed on their blood until they burst and the sensation is extremely painful for them.

Necromancers are trained to survive grievous wounds. There are only three ways to truly slay one:

  1. Complete decapitation (simply cutting the throat of a necromancer is unlikely to cause permanent injury; they can heal these types of wounds).
  2. Total dismemberment
  3. Complete immolation

Role Playing Alignment Edit

Typically Chaotic Evil


"Vosper has taken the Necromancer’s Oath. He’s now one of the undead" - Fëanor, elf of Brighthollow.

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