The diamond dragon Nydeired
Biographical Information
Born 686
Physical Description
Color Diamond
Gender Male
Other Information
Dragon Rider Elias Dorgumir
Family Nydeired (Senior) (Father) †

Starclaw (Mother)

Looking for Nydeired (Senior)?

Nydeired, named after his father, Nydeired (Senior), is the largest dragon in Durn. He is paired with Elias Dorgumir.

First Appearance Edit

Return of the Dragon Riders


Nydeired is a diamond dragon, the first in generations. His massive wings allow him to fly faster and further than any other living dragon. He is larger than normal diamond dragons, measuring more than twice as large as his mother, Starclaw. While living at Parthos, he grew so immense that the palace stonemasons were forced to create another entrance for him. His eyes are described as tiny and black.


Nydeired is the son of Nydeired (Senior) and Starclaw. After Starclaw mated with Nydeired (Senior) and formed an egg, she kept it with her for years before laying it. When she did lay it, she gave it to Tallin to deliver to Elias Dorgumir.

Nydeired hatched while Elias, Tallin, and Duskeye were at Mitca's Refuge to raze it before the orc hordes laid siege to Parthos.

He appears alongside Elias once more as a main character in the Shadow Grid trilogy. In The Shadow Grid Returns, he helps Elias reach the newly-rebuilt Aonach Tower so the riders can investigate possible corruption within the High Council at Miklagard. It's also revealed early in the book that due to being the largest dragon in Durn, and the only known diamond dragon, he is somewhat of an outcast among his kind.

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