Parthos is city located in the Death Sands. It was founded as a rebel kingdom by the now-deceased King Mitca to stand against the Empire after it fell under control of the cruel Emperor Vosper. King Mitca ruled Parthos until his death at the hands of a Balborite Blood Master assassin. Before Vosper's defeat, Parthos allied itself with Miklagard, the city of free mages. Since Vosper's defeat, Sela has taken up leadership of the city.

The official colors of Parthos are orange and blue. This is mentioned in the first trilogy: "He [[[Rali]]] wore his father's crown, a velvet cape, and ornate leather armor, dyed in the official colors of his realm, orange and blue."


At the lowest level of the city is a temple dedicated to Golka, the Goddess of war and defense.


Parthos Map

A map of Durn. Parthos can be seen near the western end of the Death Sands.

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