Biographical Information
Born Unknown
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Dark
Skin Color Dark
Other Information
Family Yupiua (father), Sa'dun (cousin)
Penag is a nomad from the Khanigalor tribe, a southern tribe. He is one of Sa'dun's cousins.

First Appearance Edit

Brinsop's Brood

Description Edit

Penag is fairly young. Like almost all nomads, he has dark hair and dark skin.

Personality Edit

Polite and friendly, Penag is very welcoming toward people he and his family meet in the desert. He treats dragon riders with a great deal of respect. He's also fairly talkative, more than happy to answer any questions asked about his people.

History Edit

Penag met Sela while she was travelling in the Death Sands. He is fluent in the common tongue, thanks to his father being a merchant trader. He is adept as a translator and translated between his family and Sela were visiting. He, his family, and his brother's family were travelling to meet Sa'dun in the Southern Refuge when Sela met them.

Penag has a golem's eye, an enchanted item, which Abayomi borrows in order to help free Sela when she is bound with an elvish spell.

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