Raider is a falcon Sela purchased in Parthos. He accompanied her into the Death Sands when she left Parthos to visit Brinsop.

First Appearance Edit

Brinsop's Brood

Description Edit

Raider has caramel and white plumage and very sharp talons. He's a fairly large falcon and he keeps his feathers neatly-groomed.

Personality Edit

Obedient and intelligent, Raider is loyal to whomever he belongs to. He responds quickly to Sela's orders and shows concern when she is in danger. He's also noted to be fairly chatty and keeps Abayomi company while the two of them search for where Sela is being held captive. He seems to take orders from elves as well, but ultimately, he is more concerned about pleasing Sela.

History Edit

Before be belonged to Sela, he was the falconer's prize bird, used only for breeding purposes. He was trained well and already knew some commands before Sela bought him. Since he was very valuable to his previous owner, he is reluctant to part with him until Sela offers him triple his usual price and a booth license at the front gates.

In the desert, he kept Sela company and hunted for her. When she was kidnapped by Fëanor, he found Abayomi and led her to Sela. He also retrieved Sela's stolen dragon stone.

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