Rali Arcaius
Biographical Information
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Black (Shoulder Length)
Skin Color Very Pale
Height Tall
Other Information
Magic Degree Second Degree
Family Sela Matu (Mother)

King Mitca Arcaius (Father) †

Rali Arcaius is the current ruler of the human empire of Durn since Emperor Vosper's defeat. He is the son of deceased King Mitca Arcaius, making him the last heir of the Five Kings of Durn.

First Appearance Edit

Return of the Dragon Riders


Rali is a second degree mage with pale skin and black, shoulder-length hair. He is about five inches taller than Elias Dorgumir and much thinner. He has blue eyes.


When his mother, Sela Matu, became pregnant, King Mitca and she kept it secret. After Rali's birth, they gave him to the mages at Miklagard to protect. Rali's parentage was never kept secret from him.

Binding Ceremony of the NineEdit

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Rali was bound to The Nine after his father was killed by Skera-Kina, a Balborite assassin.

Powers Edit

Rali is a mageborn, but his powers are very limited. His mother is Sela Matu, a 6th degree mage, and his father was King King Mitca, a human with no magical powers. He has moderate level of telekinesis as well as weak telepathic powers (level 1, he can receive messages, but cannot respond to them).

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