Return of the Dragon Riders
DS2 Kindle July2014
Book Two, Return of the Dragon Riders
Author Kristian Alva
Publication Information
Publisher Defiant Press
Release Date October 25, 2011
Type Paperback, eBook
Pages 330 (Paperback)
ISBN 1937361039
Preceded By Dragon Stones (Book)
Followed By Vosper's Revenge

Return of the Dragon Riders is the second book in the Dragon Stones Saga. Elias, on the run from Emperor Vosper's forces, joins with the Dragon Riders of the remote Death Sands outpost. The Dragon Wars claimed the lives of many dragons and their riders, but there are still some who draw breath and the resistance against the emperor's oppression is mounting. Elias, in possession of his legendary father's long-lost dragon stone, has become a key player in the struggle to save dragons from extinction and defeat the emperor before he can claim all of Durn for himself. But more important than the war is the precious cargo his father's dragon has entrusted to him--a single egg.

This book is preceded by Dragon Stones and is followed by Vosper's Revenge.

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