Biographical Information
Physical Description
Race Human suspected to have some Elf blood
Gender Female
Hair Color Red
Height Tall
Other Information
Magic Degree 8th degree mage
Affiliation Miklagard
Sisren is a powerful mage and cunning thief. She is the best tracker in all of Durn, and was once a leader of the now-disbanded Shadow Grid. In Book 2, she is referred to as one of the Master Spellcasters of Miklagard. In Book 4, she is reported to have resigned the High Council, of which she was a member for a short time.

First Appearance Edit

Return of the Dragon Riders


Sisren is a tall, female mage with fiery red hair and green eyes. She is discovered by Tallin to wear a faerie glamour.

Personality Edit

Sisren is skilled, quick-witted, and very aloof. She is an excellent mage, tracker, and thief. She is older than she looks, and Hanko Stiperfelt suspects that she has a bit of elvish blood in her. Sisren herself refused to confirm or deny this rumor until much later in the series (Book 8).

History Edit

Sisren was an aloof but valuable ally to Elias in the first Dragon Stones trilogy. She was the one who killed Ionela and protected Elias in battle, though she projected disdain for the inexperienced boy initially.

In The Balborite Curse, Tallin discovered Sisren did indeed have some elf in her ancestry when he managed to lower her glamour temporarily. When seen without it, Sisren's beauty vanishes; her true form is slightly green-skinned, with long ears and tangled rusty-colored hair. Interactions between her and Tallin became strained immediately after this discovery and they were swift to part.

In The Shadow Grid Returns, Sisren is one of the people visiting the newly-rebuilt Aonach Tower. After Daakul and Atejul destroy the tower, trapping Elias inside, Sisren offers to help Sela rescue Elias. She reveals that she is a spy for both Brighthollow, King Rali, and for the Shadow Grid, and provides the riders with some valuable but sensitive information.

Powers Edit

Offensive magic.

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