Biographical Information
Born Est. 663-669
Physical Description
Race Dwarfling/Elfling
Gender Female
Height Average
Other Information
Magic Degree 9th Degree Mage
Family Tildara (Mother) †

Carnesîr (Father) †

Mugla Hoorlick (Aunt)

Tallin Arai (Half-Brother)

Affiliation Balborite Assassin and Blood Master

Skera-Kina is a female dwarfling (half elf, half dwarf). She is also a Balborite Assassin and a Blood Master. After the events of Kathir's Redemption, Skera-Kina became the High Priestess of Balbor.

First Appearance Edit

Return of the Dragon Riders

Family Edit

Skera-Kina grew up as a slave and spent most of her life ignorant of her parentage. Her mother was Mugla's sister Tildara, and her father was the elf Carnesîr. The dwarf halfing Tallin is her half-brother.

Appearance Edit

Skera-Kina is a dwarfling, and the combination of dwarvish and elvish features causes her to look much like a human. She is of average height, and her head is shaved completely bald. She is also completely covered in protective runic tattoos, which are a mark of her Blood Master status.

History Edit

Skera-Kina was born to the dwarf Tildara after she was raped by the elf Carnesîr. After she was born, Skera-Kina was taken in by a family of gypsies, who were later attacked by slavers. Skera-Kina was sold into slavery by Druknor Theoric. Skera-Kina grew up on the island of Balbor. After her mageborn abilities were discovered, she was trained as a Balborite Assassin and eventually reached the status of Blood Master.  

Skera-Kina is a master of hand-to-hand combat and is experienced with all types of weaponry. In addition to being a highly-trained assassin, Skera-Kina is also a powerful 9th degree mage. She is responsible for hundreds of assassinations including that of King Mitca. Skera-Kina also caused the dwarven King Hergung to suffer a serious orandi fungi infection that lost him his right leg below the knee and weakened him so that he eventually died. She has also killed Chua, Starclaw, and Carnesîr.

Skera-Kina has fought Tallin on numerous occasions; he has only barely managed to escape her each time.

In Kathir's Redemption, she took the place of the old High Priest and was given a shadowkey by Queen Xiiltharra, along with charge over Balbor. Although now bound by a great deal of new duties as High Priestess, she still took the time to track down and kill Druknor before making the long journey back home to Balbor.


“I never yield. There is only victory—or death.”  

“First blood is mine.”

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