The Southern Refuge Oasis

The Southern Refuge is an oasis created by the elf dragon rider Fëanor.


The Southern Refuge is an oasis in the Death Sands. It has a well fed by an underground aquifer. Numerous cacti, gyundi nut trees, and stone fig trees surround the water source.


The oasis was created by Fëanor. He was escorting Elias Dorgumir to the edge of the Death Sands when Elias recognized on the ground below one of the nomad tribes he had met with before. Elias learned of the harsh conditions the nomadic tribe was living in and asked Fëanor to help. Fëanor used various elven spells to locate the aquifer, pierce the bedrock, and shape a well. He then cast a spell on each of the plants in the area, causing dozens of each plant to spring up around the others. The result was a thriving oasis garden.

The nomads were deeply grateful to the elf for his help; however, they are not aware that Fëanor did not raise this oasis from the desert out of compassion. Rather, he did it because Elias refused to continue on their way until they stopped to help the tribe. Rather than waste time trying to change Elias' mind or force him to move along, Fëanor determined the fastest way to resume their trip was to simply acquiesce to Elias' request. Regardless of the dispassionate reasoning behind the creation of this oasis, it has since been a valuable resource to the desert nomads.

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