Biographical Information
Died 693
Physical Description
Color Emerald
Gender Female
Other Information
Dragon Rider Chua Hakmorr
Family Nydeired (Son)

Starclaw is an emerald dragon paired with the rider Chua Hakmorr. Starclaw is also the mother of Nydeired, whose father is Nydeired (Senior).

First Appearance Edit

Dragon Stones


Starclaw and Chua were both captured and tortured by Emperor Vosper during the Dragon Wars. Though they both survived their ordeal, Starclaw lost both of her eyes as well as her right wing which left her unable to fly. Despite her crippled state, Starclaw could be quite intimidating when she needed to be. When she informed Duskeye where to find female dragons in the wilderness nearby, she was quick to scold and cow him before giving him advice on how to court them.

Death Edit

Like her rider, Starclaw was killed by the Balborite Assassin Skera-Kina. Her dying word was Chua's name.

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