Sut-Burr Map

A map of Durn. Sut-Burr is located in the far north of Durn near the Frigid Waste.

Sut-Burr was supposed to be a labor camp in the far north of Durn. It is located near the Frigid Waste, which covers the northern extremity of Durn. During Emperor Vosper's reign, the greedy constable at Sut-Burr could do whatever he wanted because the Emperor would rarely send anyone up there. Sut-Burr is cold and inhospitable.

The latest constable of Sut-Burr was Druknor Theoric, who was a double-agent for Balbor and a slaver. He concerned himself mainly with gathering wealth and power and the people of the city were mostly left to own devices. However, he did implement a system of methane-powered streetlamps. The gas was produced using dog droppings and the lamps were fairly efficient, if rather foul-smelling. Who will take over after Druknor was killed by Skera-Kina remains unknown.

Druknor's Fortress

Druknor Theoric's fortress in Sut-Burr

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