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Tallin Arai
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Biographical Information
Physical Description
Race Half Human and Half Dwarf
Gender Male
Hair Color Red (Curly)
Height 5ft, 6in
Other Information
Magic Degree 8th degree
Dragon Duskeye
Family Tildara (Mother) †, Audun (Father) †, Mugla Hoorlick (Aunt), Skera-Kina (Half-Sister), Yervokk (cousin)
Alignment Chaotic Good

Tallin Arai is a half-dwarf dragon rider. He is bound to the sapphire dragon Duskeye and is a master of concealment spells. Tallin is also the main character of The Chronicles of Tallin (the second trilogy in The Dragon Stone Saga).

First Appearance[]

Dragon Stones


Tallin is the son of the dwarf Tildara and the human Audun (both now deceased). The old dwarf spellcaster Mugla is his aunt, and the Balborite Assassin Skera-Kina is his half-sister.


Tallin is handsome and has curly fiery red hair. He is short and somewhat stocky and he has a thick scar running from his cheek all the way down his shoulder. His eyes are a soft hazel, between blue and brown. He has a sapphire dragon stone implanted in his chest.


Healing, Spellcasting, Telepathy, Concealment, Illusions. He has some degree of telekinesis. Tallin is the most skilled mortal mage in Durn when it comes to concealment spells, rivaling even the elves in his ability. He is also the only dragon rider who can scry using smoke as well as water.


Like most dwarves, Tallin was born at Mount Velik. After his magical gifts were discovered, he was taken to Aonach Tower to train and did very well there. Later, he was paired with the dragon Duskeye, and the two quickly became inseparable.

After the Dragon Wars began, Tallin and Duskeye fled to the Death Sands. During the war, they were captured by the empire. Emperor Vosper tortured them mercilessly and took great pleasure in doing all that he could to break Tallin. Over time however, Vosper let his guard down and grew lazy with security, which allowed Tallin to free Duskeye, reclaim his dragon stone, and escape. The pair then managed to stay hidden in the Death Sands for many years until they were finally discovered by Sela and Brinsop. Sela and Brinsop invited them to Parthos where they swore to defend the city which was then ruled by King Mitca .

The Chronicles of Tallin[]

Though he appears in the original Dragon Stone Trilogy, Tallin is a much more prominent character in The Chronicles of Tallin, which tells the story of Tallin and Duskeye's adventures and of the Orc siege of Mount Velik. The Chronicles of Tallin trilogy includes:

Book 4, The Balborite Curse

Book 5, Rise of the Blood Masters

Book 6, Kathir's Redemption