The Balborite Curse
Book Four Cover
Book Four, The Balborite Curse
Author Kristian Alva
Publication Information
Publisher Defiant Press
Release Date January 1, 2014
Type Paperback, eBook, Audio Book
Pages 238 (Paperback)
ISBN 193736111X
Preceded By Vosper's Revenge
Followed By Rise of the Blood Masters

The Balborite Curse is the fourth book in the Dragon Stones Saga and the first book of the Chronicles of Tallin trilogy. In this trilogy, the focus shifts from Elias as a main character and instead follows Tallin Arai and his dragon, Duskeye, as the primary protagonists.

The defeat of Emperor Vosper was a decisive blow against the threat of oppression and destruction throughout Durn, but there is more work yet to be done. With mages now able to freely practice their arts and dragons no longer being hunted under the empire's orders, there's a chance for recovery, but the dragon population has been decimated. Tallin and Duskeye begin the first steps of a long journey is search of wild dragons who may have survived the onslaught, but the search is fraught with peril and enemies out for their own interests. The mysterious Balborite assassin, Skera-Kina, a constant threat throughout the war against the empire, still lurks in the shadows, and she will not falter until her objective is complete.

This book is the first of a new trilogy following the first Dragon Stones trilogy. It is followed with Rise of the Blood Masters.

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