The Shadow Grid Returns
DS7 Kindle
Book Seven, The Shadow Grid Returns
Author Kristian Alva
Publication Information
Publisher Defiant Press
Release Date November 30, 2016
Preceded By Kathir's Redemption

The Shadow Grid Returns is be the seventh book in the Dragon Stones Saga and the first book of the Shadow Grid trilogy. 

Years have passed, and the influence of the High Council grows under the rising ambitions of its new leader, Delthen. All the while, the power of the Shadow Grid grows, their powerful guildmasters taking control of the cities of Durn. 

The dragon riders are invited to a ceremony at the newly-rebuilt Aonach Tower, but something sinister lies in wait for them. Just beneath the surface, there lies an unspeakable evil that threatens the entire mortal kingdom. 

Beset on all sides, the dragon riders must flush out an epidemic of corruption and turn to an unexpected ally to help them uncover the truth. 

This book's release date was November 30, 2016. The next book in the Shadow Grid trilogy, The Fall of Miklagard, will be released in May 2017. 

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