Thorin Ulfarsson
Biographical Information
Born 411
Died 686 (Age 275)
Physical Description
Race Dwarf
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Height 4ft, 0in
Other Information
Family King Hergung Lindisfarne (Cousin) †
Affiliation Marretaela
Alignment Neutral Good

Thorin is a major supporting characters in the original Dragon Stones trilogy.

First Appearance Edit

Dragon Stones


Thorin was a black-bearded old dwarf. Despite his wrinkled face and old age, his black hair had not a single strand of gray. He wore his hair in a long braid, and his beard was pleated. All of his skin was covered in dark black hair, even his ears and knuckles, giving him the appearance of a short bear. His only exposed skin was his nose, mouth, and small black eyes.


Thorin was killed by the necromancer Uldreiyn during a battle with him and his twin brother Uevareth.


Thorin was raised in Mount Velik as a member of the dwarf clan Marretaela. By dwarf standards, he would be considered middle aged. He fought during the Orc Wars, the Dragon Wars, and the Seige of Parthos. He wears a special amulet that protects him from most magical attacks. He is the cousin of King Hergung Lindisfarne, and is therefore considered minor royalty based on his relation to the king.

Popular QuotesEdit

These are Thorin's most popular quotes, as highlighted in the Kindle edition by fans:

"Don’t fret about the past. Ye can’t change it, after all. The future is what’s important."

"Trust your instincts. If somethin’ feels wrong, it probably is."

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