Biographical Information
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Skin Color Dark
Other Information
Magic Degree Second degree
Family Unghapa (father)
Tinlaap is a young nomadic mage and apprentice to the shaman, Haluk. He is sixteen years old. He makes his first appearance in the first book of the Shadow Grid trilogy and helps Elias and Sela in their investigations of the High Council and Delthen.

First Appearance Edit

The Shadow Grid Returns

Description Edit

Tinlaap is sixteen years old. Like most nomads, he has dark skin and brown eyes. He has a dark heart-shaped birthmark just under his lower lip.

Personality Edit

Eager to please and insecure, Tinlaap thrives on praise but falters whenever he feels he has failed at a task. Even so, Tinlaap is fairly diligent and quite smart. He's also empathetic and talkative, preferring to be around a lot of people over being isolated.

History Edit

Tinlaap became Haluk's apprentice when his gift for crystal magic was discovered. He struggled with Haluk's training because he lacked many magical skills common among nomadic mages. In The Shadow Grid Returns, he meets Elias and Sela after they are stranded in the desert when Nydeired's saddle breaks. They take him with them on their journey to Aonach Tower. He helps them with their mission in many ways, including finding ward-hidden doors with his magic and calming down a distraught Aghir so Elias can get him to fit a new saddle for Nydeired.

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