Uldreiyn and Uevareth
Biographical Information
Born Age Unknown
Died 687
Physical Description
Race Necromancer
Gender Male
Other Information
Affiliation Necromancers for Emperor Vosper
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Uldreiyn and Uevareth are twin necromancers. They were introduced in the first Dragon Stones trilogy and killed in the third book, Vosper's Revenge.

First Appearance Edit

Return of the Dragon Riders


Uldreiyn and Uevareth were created from identical twin mageborns. They are visually identical except for the appearance of their scars.

Most necromancers look identical with regards to their physical characteristics. Regardless of their skin color or age when they are alive, after taking the Necromancer's Oath, they have milky white skin that is wrinkle-free and as smooth as a polished stone. Their eyes are completely black; no pupils are visible. They have black or gray tongues and sharpened red teeth. Necromancers’ mouths gnaw constantly, a byproduct of the magic that keeps them “alive.” They generally levitate silently in place, just off the ground. They smell faintly of licorice and rotting flesh.



They battled Sela and Thorin outside the city of Ironport. During the battle, Uldreiyn killed Thorin, and the twin necromancers severely injured Sela. Uldreiyn lost a hand during the fight, but was able to heal and reattach the severed limb. Eventually, Islar attacked them using leeches, and they were defeated, but only temporarily. They returned to Morholt to recover.

Role Playing AlignmentEdit

Chaotic Evil

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