Utan wearing a set of dwarven armor
Biographical Information
Physical Description
Race Dwarf
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Other Information
Affiliation Vardmiter Clan

Utan is the leader of the Vardmiter Clan. His clan and many other dwarves sided with him against King Hergung Lindisfarne during the civil war that erupted after Emperor Vosper's death. His followers, both his clan and the rest of his supporters, ended up leaving Mount Velik to live in the Highport Mountains to the east.

First Appearance Edit

Vosper's Revenge


Utan is a very strong dwarf with black hair. Being the leader of a clan of farmers and laborers, Utan is a firm character with little interest in playing political games to curry favor. Nonetheless, he allowed, with some reluctance, the other dwarven clans to take refuge in the Highport Mountains after Orcs invaded Mount Velik.

By the end of Kathir's Redemption, Utan was elected as king of the dwarven clans. This was a new precedent, as no member of the Vardmiter clan had ever been given such a high role.

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