Vosper's Revenge
Book Three Cover
Book Three, Vosper's Revenge
Author Kristian Alva
Publication Information
Publisher Defiant Press
Release Date June 2, 2012
Type Paperback, eBook
Pages 334 (Paperback)
ISBN 193736108X
Preceded By Return of the Dragon Riders
Followed By The Balborite Curse

Vosper's Revenge is the third book in the Dragon Stones Saga and concludes the Dragon Stones Trilogy. Elias and his new dragon companion, Nydeired, have been training together in the safety of Parthos, the greatest stronghold against Emperor Vosper's forces. In the desert, the once-frightened boy has grown up and become strong, but the greatest test of his strength still awaits. Betrayal, schemes, and dark secrets threaten to drown Elias and the remaining Dragon Riders as they struggle to fight evil pressing down on them from all sides. Meanwhile, the emperor resigns himself to a mad, desperate plot to secure his future while ensuring the destruction of everyone else's.

This book is preceded by Return of the Dragon Riders. It is followed by The Balborite Curse, a new trilogy set in the same universe, following the adventures of Tallin Arai and Duskeye.

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